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BYOD Best Practices at NSTC in Woburn Nov. 13th
By Taino

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Register to get a view of what BYOD is and what to do about it. Consumerization was a very slow wave that shook IT in 2011 and 2012 more so than any technology adoption since the Internet opened to commercial uses in 1994.


Laptop and mobile device policy. Usage considerations, best practices, security concerns. Laptops, tablets, cellphones, more. Ownership issues. Data synchronization. Company liabilities. Recommended strategies.


Who Should Attend?

IT managers, CIOs, CTO, security professionals, and others working in and responsible for mobile device policy and related security topics. Register by clicking here

Our Speaker

Pedro Marcano, CTO, Taino Consulting Group
Pedro Marcano is Chief Technology Officer and Managing Partner for Taino Consulting Group. He is responsible for developing internal and external tools, systems, and frameworks for the organization. Mr. Marcano began his career as a computer engineer in the 80s and immediately gravitated towards security.
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